Had such a perfect surf session at Linda Mar today! Finally, winter is coming to a close and the constant rain has eased up in the last two weeks. This week felt like summer with today in the upper 60s and sunny. After working hard all week, and doing our 10 am call with HH, we took a short nap and headed down to surf around 3:00 pm. The beach was full of people for the first time since summer, but we luckily found a parking spot within the first 10 minutes. Feeling the warmth, I headed out without my hood and gloves and the 50 degree cold water on my hands took a few minutes to get used to after wearing gloves this winter.

We paddled to the outside a bit to the right of the pumphouse where a few other surfers were lined up. I loved the mellow waves today and conditions were just perfect without any closeouts. Everyone had their own spot lined up on the outside with excellent long waves heading to the left and straight towards the beach. I saw Max catch a great one early on. I caught a couple of small ones in the beginning and then paddled right into one super long, spot-on wave that took me all the way to the beach. Must have been the longest ride I’ve ever had at LM. Stoked to say the least. Perfect day.

#44 / 3:00

[2-3 ft + knee to chest high. PM REGIONAL OVERVIEW: Old WNW groundswell continues to fade this afternoon as SSW Southern Hemi swell peaks. Conditions remain really clean across the region with better breaks in the waist-chest-shoulder high zone, as top spots pull in a few plus sets. It’s worth a check if you have some spare time this afternoon. ]

[Bagel and scallion hummus; veggie chicken sandwich on a semolina roll]