We had wanted to surf yesterday (Saturday) but decided to avoid the crowds. Then, today we were both itching to go. After getting out of a movie at the Metreon at 4:30, we bolted home, grabbed our gear and were down at Linda Mar by 5:05pm. While SF was still sunny, the fog had rolled into Pacifica and it was overcast, about 60 degrees, and just a handful of surfers were out. High tide was at 4:33 pm so conditions were quite choppy and sloshy. Reminded me of times in early winter, with lots of rolling chop and quite a few closeouts.

It looked like it might be tough to paddle out, but we felt surprisingly fit, and Max seemed to sprint to the outside. I saw him in the distance while I was still on my way out. As I paddled for waves, I could hear the loud roar of the oncoming set barely muffled by the ear plugs and hood covering my ears. I caught a great wave, but it was too fast/forceful to pop up on, and I was trying not to hit the guy who was directly in front of me paddling out on his board and looking a bit bewildered. All in all, it was a great work-out and paddling session, and of course, there’s always the thrill of being out in the ocean when its less than ideal.

#45 / 5:15 pm

[Surfline: 3-5 ft waist to head high. PM REGIONAL OVERVIEW: Sets go head high and occasionally bigger this afternoon thanks to our dose of WNW(270-290) energy. Wind is light onshore with semi-smooth surface conditions at most areas, although shape is looking slightly funky/warbly/crumbly overall. Look for the building tide to slow down a lot of spots later this afternoon.]