Kept thinking we were going to get a surf in earlier this week but work kept getting in the way :) Despite the forecast of fairly poor conditions today, we had a great time out at Linda Mar. The sun was beaming, light winds, and an uncrowded break. It was nearing low tide and a bit blown out, but there were endless reforms rolling in near shore. I opted to hang in the middle near the pump-house and caught one little wave after another. Fun time!

#46 / 4:15 pm

[Surfline: 3-4 ft + waist to shoulder high occ. 5 ft. PM REGIONAL OVERVIEW: Jumbled, kind of crossed-up surf continues this afternoon as does our WNW swell mix and some minimal SW swell leftovers. Better breaks have waist-shoulder-head high surf, with a few 2-3′ overhead sets for top spots. NW winds build through the afternoon.]

[Vegan patty sandwich on wheat bagel]