Surfing Canoes 050710

Today turned out to be fairly mellow and smaller today on the South Shore, with the SSE swell slowing down. Nevertheless, it was a gorgeous day and we headed out to Canoes with an eye on Queens in the afternoon.After several days, my paddling arms are lower back are in shape and it was a breeze getting to the outside. The crowds were light today as well with a mix of locals and visiting surfers hanging out. Sets were more interspersed, and we all sat staring at the horizon for some time. When the set rolled through, it was a smooth buildup and I was super psyched to get four great rides, including one where I ended up going left long enough to look over my shoulder and see the wave building behind me.

#55 / 3:30 pm
[2-2.5ft @ 15secs. (Magic Seaweed). Light east-northeast winds with a slight chop. Small long period swell from the south. REGIONAL SUMMARY: Mirror image of yesterday with combo SSE and steady trade swell providing small but rippable surf for southern shores this morning. Most locations have waves in the knee to waist high range with some larger chest high sets mainly at channel entrances. The Kilo Nalu buoy is reading 3.8 feet @ 14.8 seconds…so there is still SSE swell providing action today. Moderate trades are blowing to provide typical offshore conditions in town and rough sideshore bump for southeast exposures]

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  1. michelle

    I am so jealous!! The banks at our local surf break have been messed up for some time. That wave looks so mellow.