Today was a day of celebration: father’s day, Max and my anniversary, and International Surfing Day (ISD). I wish I could have spent time with my Dad, but he’s traveling in Russia right now so we chatted on the phone instead. Last year on June 20, my entire family was in Hawaii for Max and my wedding. What a great time. The only thing better than that would have been to be out surfing :) So that’s exactly what we did today – celebrating the day with a leisurely surf at the Jetty.

It was a sunny day along the coast, although windy and colder (63) than last weekend. There weren’t as many people out as I would have thought for a Sunday and ISD, but Spring conditions and winds have kept some surfers out of the water. For me, any day out in the water is a good day. We headed out in the afternoon with tide rising. There were a couple of shortboarders by the Jetty getting some really short rights. Mostly, the longboarders were hanging on the outside waiting during the long lull between sets. We found a nice break to ourselves farther south and got plenty of smallish, but powerful waves. The most notable thing about today’s sesh was definitely Max’s success on his shortboard. While he’s been working on his popup and timing and already getting some short rides, today he managed to get much longer rides. So stoked for him!

At the end of the sesh, we sat on the beach as we always do, chatting and looking out for a few. A woman we’ve seen surfing the same spot near us last Saturday and Sunday paddled in, walked up and introduced herself as Janice and said she reads our blogs! Small world. (Hey, Janice. Great to meet you and see you out there soon :)

#74 / 2:45pm
[2-3 ft Light and variable west-northwest winds with smooth seas. Small short period wind waves from the west-northwest. REGIONAL SUMMARY:
NW windswell and small, mid-period NW(295-300+) energy combine with S(170-190) and SW(230-240) groundswells for waist-head high surf this morning. Top spots occasionally go slightly overhead on the better sets. However, conditions are generally mixed-up and bumpy, and shape stays soft with the full tide.]
[Bagel sandwich]