After hearing about Cynthia and Luke‘s great session at the Jetty this morning with a South swell and rideable rights, we took a break from work and headed down in the afternoon. We arrived after high tide had already come and gone, but there were still some awesome short rights going off and shortboarders making some nice moves (see videos below). I wish I felt more comfortable going for those bigger sets, but I’m still learning. Because of the mix of swells, the break looked really different than I’ve seen, with multiple sections running diagonal to the beach, probably accentuated by the dropping tide. Hoping to make time to go again tomorrow before high tide.

#77 / 2:45pm
[2-3 ft Light and variable west-northwest winds with smooth seas. Small short period wind waves from the west-northwest. REGIONAL SUMMARY: NW windswell mixes with building SSW(195-210) energy for semi-peaky surf in the waist-chest-shoulder high range. Top breaks go bigger on occasion. Shape is generally a bit funky but rideable overall. Light wind on tap early.]
Sunny, low wind, 63 degrees