It was a beautiful Sunday in SF and as we drove south towards the coast, the fog started to roll in. We passed Linda Mar and saw it was packed with the usual weekend crowd of surfers and beach-goers. The other beaches on the way down looked fairly crowded too, but as we pulled up to the Jetty, the lot only had a few more cars than on a weekday. I took the 7’3″ Superfish out again and had a blast! Conditions were definitely smaller today and even the break right by the jetty was fairly small with a few closeouts. Nonetheless, I caught lots of reforms at the south end, where again, Max and I had the break nearly to ourselves, with one other couple hanging out on their longboards also catching reforms. Today was a great day for Max as he stood up on his shortboard for a few seconds! Being closer to the nose and leaning up helped him get to his feet. Stoked for him!

#67 / 3:30pm
[2-3 ft Light and variable west-northwest winds with smooth seas. Small short period wind waves from the west. REGIONAL SUMMARY: WNW(270-305) swell mixes with weak NW windswell and small SSW(190-210) energy. Most areas see waist-head high surf, while top spots see a few larger sets. Light wind on tap right now.]
[Vegan burger]