It felt so good to be back in the water after a month. Since coming back from Bali and Hong Kong, Max and I have been busy with projects and proposals, but finally today we just had to get out in the water. Linda Mar wasn’t supposed to be good according to the forecast and the tide was dropping when we arrived. Nevertheless, it pays to just show up sometimes. It was a rare mellow day with just a handful of surfers spread along from the north end to the pump house. Sets were rolling in with consistency and very few closeouts. Perfect! We suited up and headed out to a spot between a few surfers, catching ride after ride. It only took a few minutes to get used to my super fish again, which felt so stable after the 7′ board I was using in Bali.On one of the waves, I managed to get a nice turn to the right and went rode all the way parallel to the beach. I even got a nice compliment from a local surfer in the parking lot who had seen it. Stoked.

#86 / 3pm
[PM REGIONAL OVERVIEW: Sloppy, bumpy, generally unrideable surf prevails across the region this afternoon as NW windswell continues to mix with trace SSE swell. Most breaks are running in the knee-thigh-waist high zone, as top exposures pull in a few waist-chest high sets. Overall, conditions are looking marginally rideable at best as onshore flow builds out of the W/WNW.]