We’re getting an unexpected week of warm weather (77-80F)starting today in SF/Bay area, a welcome change from what’s been an unseasonably cloudy and cold summer. A small NW groundswell was expected so we headed down in the late afternoon not worrying too much about the approaching low tide. Conditions were really good for LM with few closeouts and there were lots of surfers catching rides all along from South to North on everything from SUPs, longboards to fish to shortboards. Despite its often imperfect conditions and closeouts with shifting sand bars, I still like LM for its diversity and easy-going attitude. Max went out on his 6’10” Firewire and I had my 7’3″ Superfish.We found a good spot south of the pump-house and caught numerous small waves. Plus, it was warm enough to shed the gloves and hood. Bonus!

#87 / 4:30 pm
[PM Regional Overview: Mix of small NW windswell, building NW groundswell, and minimal SW swells. Most of the better NW exposed spots throughout the region are around 2-3’+ with standout breaks up to 4′ on sets. Expect a light bump/texture to it this afternoon from the light onshore flow.]