Finally made it to LM for a morning surf, just in time to witness the WNW swell and a prelude to fall’s bigger waves. With rising tide, there was quite a bit of shorebreak to paddle through. We started out at the South end and later moved closer towards the pumphouse. Despite the choppy conditions, I eeked in a few short rides at the end. The heatwave is continuing (80s) this week and it’s always a surprise to see LM sunny and hot. Still in awe of many surfers who can rip those outer breaks, including one or two brave souls who were battling and conquering the North end.

#88 / 11:30 am
[4-7 ft shoulder high to 2 ft. overhead occ. 8 ft. FAIR CONDITIONS / PM REGIONAL OVERVIEW Solid WNW groundswell continues this afternoon with small SW swell mixing in underneath it. Lots of easily head to double overhead surf out there with standout NW breaks seeing some larger sets on top of that. Winds are pretty light as well with mostly clean conditions. Full on high tide right about now is slowing many breaks down a bit so look for improvement once that drops out through the afternoon. Overall it looks like a good day to go get some waves somewhere.]