LM was exactly what I needed today: mellow, consistent, uncrowded and peaceful. After a month out of the water, the experience was amplified. The cold water felt better, the waves seem to roll in perfectly, and the rides were small but sweeter. To top it off, on several rides, my board was in just the right spot to feel the core of the wave pushing me along.

#89 / 4:15pm
[PM REGIONAL OVERVIEW: Old WNW swell continues to fade as some new WNW mid period swell moves in this afternoon. Most breaks are offering some pretty solid surf, unfortunately conditions continue to be uncooperative with steady WSW winds. Most breaks are seeing surf in the shoulder-head high+ range, with top WNW spots offering up 2-3’+ overhead waves, with some occasional larger sets. The tide hits a -1′ low just before 5pm.]