Izzy called yesterday morning and said the waves were nonexistent. “If you’ve got errands to do today or work, today’s the day,” he said. We opted to work. But after one day off from surfing, we were eager to get back in the water. Got up earlier this morning to make it down for a 40 min surf before work. The sun was already shining and the air was warm when we left SF and arrived in Pacifica. So rare. We parked in the south lot for the first time and saw that the waves were fairly mushy and small but workable. Much better than the closeouts to the middle and north. I’m spoiled by longer, not-on-the-clock surf sessions so today felt really fast. Regardless, I was excited to be out. There were only a few other surfers near us trying to get waves. Max and I both got three solid rides and headed back to the city stoked.

#121 / 9:40am

[4-6 ft shoulder high to 1 ft. overhead FAIR CONDITIONS. REGIONAL SUMMARY: Surf is looking fun this afternoon with building NW-WNW swell and small SSW combo setting up plenty of chest-head high+ surf with 1-3’+ overhead sets at standouts. Winds remain light and conditions mostly clean as the shape improves with the dropping tide.]