Such a fun surf today. When we pulled up to the lot, we saw a perfect peak in front with a long left that ran right in front of the beach but with high tide it was holding up with almost perfect lines. As we got ready we saw the same two guys getting one long ride after another. From south to north there was lines rolling in with more regularity than the 9 second period implied and I didn’t see a single closeout! It was an easy paddle out and Max and I got so many rides. To top it off, it was sunny, warm and not overcrowded. Needless to say, it was the perfect end to a busy week and a great start to the weekend!

#152 / 12pm
[3-4 ft + Fair to Good. Waist to shoulder high. REGIONAL SUMMARY: A weak but rideable mix of NW swell continues to offer up 3-4′ surf at better exposures this afternoon.]