Got tired of checking the cams and forecasts the past few days and decided to just head down to LM in the morning and see what it was like in person. I was dreading NW winds but it turned out to be more westerly. The windswell wasn’t too bad at the south end, the sun was out and the water seemed a bit warmer. There were a few surfers catching waves near us and a giant surf camp class taking up most of the break near TB. Max and I caught some brief but fun rides during our session, a fast one since we had to get back to the city for a lunch meeting.

#154 / 11am
[2-3 ft + knee to chest high. REGIONAL SUMMARY: Surf is blown-out and junky this afternoon with strong onshore winds hacking up a mix of NW windswell and SSW-S groundswell. You will have to find a South facing/NW wind protected spot for rideable waves.]