Smaller today at 2′ but still super fun on a king low tide. Waves were breaking far out past the kelp, rolling in through the middle and reforming again. Lots of kelp and some mixed jumbled waves but I loved it. Felt really strong today and kept on the move paddling to find the shifty peak. Got a great right within a few minutes of being out that took me all the way in. A few other fun rights and two lefts. One of those surf session where you can’t believe you live in highly populated CA. Just me, Max and maybe one or two other surfers out.

#214 / 1:30pm / HP1
[Regional Summary: WNW (280-310) groundswell continues to offer up fun size surf this morning, despite the approaching deep morning high tide (6.17′ high at 8:14am). Sets are running shoulder-head high at better breaks, and overhead+ at top spots. Light northerly winds are keeping conditions clean through town.]
2ft at 14s WNW (290°)
1ft at 12s SSW (200°)
0ft at 15s S (198°)