Another busy week flew by (busy with the SF-biz) but luckily we didn’t miss too much with small spring conditions, though we did miss a couple of good SSW 2-3′ days. Today was small swell and a rising 3’+ high tide but whatever, I just wanted to get out on my Motorboat. We switched our usual routine and Max took out on his 9’6 Harbour Banana. He had a blast on it and I was stoked to see him catch several high tide rights from 2nd jetty that had a short take-off before the cliff approached. I loved being on the Motorboat and practiced swinging around to get in the peak, even though most of the waves were breaking too close in. I did get two prone rides before the wave ran into the cliff. Fun to get out and get more used to my new board. Also please that even after a good paddle, my formerly-tweaked left arm felt 100%.

#227 / 12:30pm / 5’4″ Motorboat
[Regional Summary: There’s a a blend of easing WNW swell and leftover SSW swell in the water this morning. Dense fog is making it difficult to see the surf across much of the region, but expect top exposures to continue to pull in some knee-waist-stomach high+ sets. Many spots through town are flat or close to it. Winds are light/variable, so expect fairly clean surface conditions.]
1ft at 12s SSW (201°)
1ft at 14s WNW (289°)
0ft at 4s SW (224°)