After a full first week of adjusting to work @A and in spite of needing sleep, we needed some water time even more. Got up and headed to Capitola this morning knowing it would be small and rising tide, but still 14s from the SSW. As we hoped, the marine layer was just starting to clear as we arrived and easily found a parking spot. The weekend crowd was light as expected with a small forecast and the LogJam contest at the Point. A small group of surfers were out by second jetty catching rising tide waves. Short rides but rides nonetheless! From the cam it had looked mostly flat early this morning. We were excited to try out our new French transition boards. Max has a 6’7″ shortboard and I’m on a 5’10” fish. After our time in Seal Beach, we went with M&M’s advice and found some transition boards to help us get from having surfed our longboards proficiently for a while to trying to jump down to tiny CI shortboards. The new ACS boards are awesome. Heavy enough to feel stable, wide and thicker than usual for easier paddling, and short enough to get used to the difference. Got used to it pretty quickly other than being a bit too far back when paddling for a wave. Really responsive, though, and felt good. Both Max and I got a short standup on the short high tide waves. Woo! Mine was at the end of the session when a nice set rolled through with at least 6 waves. I had missed the first two, being a bit too far to the left of the peak, but the third one caught and I zoomed down the face while popping up. It was short but sweet. Can’t wait to rip down the line on this twin-fin fish at some point soon :)

#229 / 11:45am / 5’10″ Fish
[Regional Summary: Very small-scale surf this morning as an easing south swell blends with trace NW windswell. Expect weak little 1-2′ waves for exposed breaks, while top spots hit waist high on occasion. Long wait between sets. Conditions are generally clean with just a very light hint of NW wind. The tide hit a -1.36′ LOW at 6:18am.]
1ft at 14s SSW (212°)
1ft at 11s S (189°)
0ft at 11s W (277°)