Warm and sunny in Capitola. Summer’s here. As we rounded the corner on Wharf Drive and I caught my first glimpse of the ocean in the distance, it was like a breath of fresh air lifting away city stress. Summer beach crowds were in full effect but we lucked out with a parking spot within one round. Gentle peelers rolled in on a 2’+ rising tide and just a few kids and longboarders out by 2nd jetty. Caught the first wave I went for and was actually surprised that I remembered what to do! It’s been a while ;) The second wave was pure fun, swooping right and down the line all the way to the far beach. Within ten minutes when we met up again on the outside, both Max and I had gotten a handful of fun waves. So stoked on such small perfect waves! Several lulls after that as the tide rose but near the end I got a sweet one, lined up right in front of the curl and my right hand in the wave the whole ride.

#230 / 3pm / HP1 (M: 10’2 epoxy board)
[Santa Cruz Afternoon Update: A weak NW windswell wraps in along with some very small SSWswell. Winds are generally under 5kts right now, which is providing pretty clean surface conditions. Surf continues to be very small and close to flat for most breaks or longboardable at best. Standout spots are better in the 2-3′ range and improves as the tide pushes back in.]
1ft at 14s SSW (205°)
0ft at 14s WNW (301°)
0ft at 11s W (263°)