Definitely more challenging today to read waves and catch them. Got a couple of short waves and one good wave near the beginning of the session from the outside today. Saw Ryan again (Mohawk local) with his friend and they had both had drinks and were tipsy. Pretty funny. The best surfer out was the local girl with the short hair who kept getting nice rights. She was lined up to the right of the towers. After a lull, I tried for a couple more over there but was just off the peak. After more lulls, we moved closer in, lined up more by the first tower and tried for those bumpy ones. Finally got one but stopped short by three beginners on the inside… not complaining, though, the water was so warm and it’s beautiful Waikiki. Wave-wise, I’m probably a bit spoiled by consistent lineups and longer rides from surfing Capitola and knowing those waves so well. Still getting used to the waves here again.

#237 / 11:30am / Mitsu 9’1
2-3′ at 12 seconds SSW 193.