The whale was spouting again in the distance. Fog cleared and the sun peeked through. Small and some wind today but some waves to be had by the pumphouse. Lots of paddling south to stay in position. One guy on a Pearson Arrow kept getting little lefts. I got a few myself, popping up and staying really low to keep the ride going. Had one where I tried to stay so low I just sat back down on the board by accident. Funny. Had one near the end that had some decent push and rode left down the line a bit before a guy stopped my ride. No worries. Everyone out was friendly and just trying to get little waves. Ran into Greg on our way back to car. He was stoked as ever. Great to see him. Fun morning.

#249 / HP1
[This morning’s dawn patrol: Clean, but tiny and weak. Perhaps enough to push a longboard. Approaching a drained out low tide. ]
2′ @ 7s NW 322