One of those days that it was mostly breaking too close to shore. Not many corners at all but more of a paddle, drop and turn and hop off the board. We just finished another week of strat plan designs with J and today was the first morning we made it out to surf since Saturday. I just wanted to get in the ocean. Still, caught a bunch of wacky, short rides and one with a low popup and turn left along the wave until it ran into the sand. The most exciting thing about today were the two different pods of dolphins breaching and swimming close to our line up and a little bit north. So beautiful.

#261 / 10:30am / HP1
[Regional Summary: Easing mix of primary shorter period NW swell and secondary NW windswell, which offers waves mainly around 2-3′ for the well exposed breaks of the region this afternoon. Select magnets that favor this energy best are still producing occasional 3’+ sets. Meanwhile, only traces of South swell lap into exposed areas. Onshore flow prevails for some surface texture/bump at most locations, but not too bad just yet.]
2-3 ft
3ft 9s WNW (308°)