Lake-like with a lower tide but still some waves rolling through. Ran into Greg and Karen and Rick E. Unusually warm and without any wind. Watched Greg catch rides right onto the beach and step off, walk out, catch another. Mellow Sunday surf and Max was out for the first time on his 9’6 Pearson Arrow. Got some fun, small rides. Stayed really low and turned left before running into the beach. Tiny waves are better than no waves!

#262 / 10am / HP1
[Regional Summary: Just a small-scale mix of minor NW windswell and some SSW groundswell on tap this morning. Knee-thigh high waves work through at the better exposures, while top breaks hit waist high to slightly better on occasion. Light wind early for decent conditions, but there’s just not much size overall. A dropping tide reaches a 1.53′ LOW just before 8am.]
1-2 ft
1ft 8s WNW (310°)