Completely foggy as we drove down and could barely see as we got on Highway 1. A light rain was misting but the weather was pretty warm for morning. Jumbled lines and waves breaking close to shore but better than nothing given the flat spell from here to SC to Hawaii. We both got some fun short rides. Max going left and I got two rights before having to rush back for a 10am meeting. Saw a seal in the water for the first time at LM. Used to see them more in Capitola.

#258 / 8:30am / HP1
[Regional Summary: A very small mix of mainly weak NW windswell and traces of old Southern Hemi swell limp in through the day. Surf is running waist high or less across the region, and many breaks are pretty close to flat. Surf is looking pretty poor overall with steady WSW-W winds and an approaching 4.1′ high tide at 7:09am.]
1-2 ft
1ft 4s WNW (299°)
1ft 9s WNW (294°)