The lot was already full when we arrived later than usual. First day of paid parking at LM too. Felt like so many people were there compared to the early morning. Waves looked better than the last few days with a bit of WNW swell coming in. Mostly glassy with a few closeouts in the middle sections. We saw a group of longboarders getting lefts north of the pumphouse and we headed out near there. I got two rights to start off and the one weird wave where I was just riding on top of the breaking foamy wave for most of it. Paddled a bit farther north and lined up for one of those nice lefts. Fun ride all the way in. Then had a rigorous paddle back out through the set. Capitola is mellow with perfect waves, but I do enjoy the workout you get at LM even when it’s supposed to only be 2-3′. Given that it’s been totally flat in SC all the way to Southern CA, I’m glad LM gets these WNW swells!

#259 / 9am / HP1
[Regional Summary: Primarily shorter period WNW swell on tap today, which will ease over the afternoon and into tonight. Meanwhile, a secondary little NW windswell and SSW traces mix in. Surf hangs mainly in the knee-waist high zone across the region, with occasional WNW sets up to waist-chest high at the standout exposed spots. Conditions at the moment only have a light+ texture/bump from the onshore flow.]
2-3 ft
3ft 9s WNW (290°)