Classic October Linda Mar today! Sunny, hot, clear blue skies and no wind. Clean conditions and offshore. We weren’t in a hurry today and enjoyed a leisurely wakeup, lattes at Elite Audio, and a beach front spot just as we pulled into the lot. Nice lines rolled in, smaller at boatdocks, more lined up south of the pumphouse and longer at the north end. We opted for south of the pumphouse, lined up to the trees. Just three other surfers near us. The Asian woman with the short hair was getting tons of inside rights. Both Max and I had a blast, each catching six or so waves. Fun to see him ride his 9’6 Pearson performance board. My two best were a left at the beginning and a right at the end, both clean, fast, good turns and some speed. Beautiful beach day.

#280 / 12pm / 3′ and dropping / 8′ Revolver
[Regional Summary: A clean blend of small, holding SSW Southern Hemi swell and modest NW swell-mix keeps better breaks in waist-chest high waves, as top exposures hit shoulder-head high on occasion. Winds are light offshore for clean conditions as the tide drops.]
2-3 ft
2ft 8s NW (320°)
2ft 14s WNW (283°)
2ft 11s WNW (299°)
1ft 16s SW (230°)