Lazy Saturday morning. Slept in at the hotel, got Verve, ate breakfast, waited for the tide to drop to 3′ at 2pm. Magically found parking on our first drive-through to the left of Pizza My Heart. Sunny but not as hot today and also not as fishy. Small waves meant a smaller lineup, especially for a Saturday. A group of teens were out for the first time being led by their friend on the red board. He was pretty good and got them all into little waves in the next hour or so. Max and I got our first wave together within a few minutes of paddling out, a fun, smooth wave that we rode right all the way in. Got so many more of those lined up outside of 2nd jetty. Current pushed us north. Not as many fish bits in the water as yesterday but still these off-white clumps of tissuey stuff floating around. Kind of gross and we tried not to get any on us ;) Lots of fun waves. A couple of near collisions but happily avoided with the girl who just got her first wave. It’s fun being out on small days with beginners. She was stoked to get those waves. “This is so fun. I could do this every day!” she yelled. She’s hooked. It’s that simple.

#282 / 2:40pm / 2.5′ and dropping / 8′ Revolver
[Regional Summary: Small-scale, weak surf working through this morning as a blend of SSW and NW swell mix prevails at exposures. Ankle-knee-waist high waves show early, but things look real inconsistent overall. Clean surface conditions thanks to light wind. The tide climbs through the morning, eventually hitting a 5.59′ HIGH at 10:52am.]
Full moon last night.
0-1 ft
1ft 14s SSW (209°)