Made it through the week of work offsites (which were really fun) and happily found ourselves with time to surf. Freeze warning ended earlier this week too. Sunny and slight onshore winds making the water choppy. Got there at negative low tide but there were still some waves. We had very low expectations after surfing so little this past month. Just wanted to get in the water! Went without gloves. Chilly but felt good. Started out lined up to the cyprus (north of TB) but ended up a bit more south because of the current. Got one good right on my revolver. Got a couple that hit a deep spot and flattened out. Max got rides on his new 6’8″ Stoker V! Switched at the end and I got a couple too! Felt so light and agile. Paddling was easy still, though, in spite of the wind chop. Definitely felt like a hybrid between the Revolver and my Motorboat. Loved it so much, we drove straight to Mollusk and I got the 6’4″ as my early birthday gift :)

New Bruce Fowler Stoker V Machine (SVM) - 6’4” x 21 1/4" x 2 5/8"

New Bruce Fowler Stoker V Machine (SVM) – 6’4” x 21 1/4″ x 2 5/8″

#288 / 3pm / -0′ rising / 8′ Revolver and Max’s 6’8″ Fowler Stoker V Machine
[Regional Summary: W-WNW swell picks up slightly as small SW swell blends in the background. A deep 6.5′ high tide just after report time keeps many areas shutdown early, and for the dawn patrol better exposures top out in the waist-chest high range. Top winter focal points do a little better, running up to head high on the best sets. Expect improvement through the morning as the tide drops.]
4ft at 11s W (277°)
1ft at 15s SW (226°)
1ft at 3s WNW (299°)