Slept a bit late (hot tub + those blackout shades!). Knew the swell was fading so we were glad to see some small waves still holding up. Small group of surfers catching little rides. Brown-haired woman longboarder from the other day was out. Chatted with her a bit. Max was back on his Stoker. I got so many fun little rights. Tried hopping my board a bit to get down the face of one little wave. Easy take-offs and quick turns to pull up the small face. Cruisey waves. Mellow. Back to the city after but hope to be back for the weekend swell.

#292 / 1:10pm / 3.5′ rising / 8′ Revolver
[Regional Summary: Fading W-WNW groundswell holds the most size through the morning. Better breaks are running waist-chest-shoulder high, with sets for winter focal points up to head high+ at times. Winds are light NE for mostly clean conditions as the tide drops towards a 2.55′ low at 9:32am.]
2ft at 14s WNW (281°)
1ft at 11s SSW (197°)
1ft at 0s N (0°)