Ah, Linda Mar. Such a tease. Yesterday was a full-on fun sesh for me: slight offshore, got many good waves, not-too-hard paddleouts. Today was um, different: missed several waves, got two waves that turned into closeouts (whoa), hard paddleouts or being caught on the inside diving under giant walls of closeouts slamming onto shallow water. Longer period today but more lulls and seemed smaller but then with bigger closeout sets. Glad I got two fun rides in the beginning. When we were eating and watching the surf, it seemed like there were plenty of mellow inside ones. Guy on a red rail longboard was getting lots of rights lined up outside of TB. Once out there, it was harder to spot. I kept looking for a “cute” mellow ones, but those were hard to see with the gray-on-gray waves to horizon shimmer. One of the closeout ones seemed like it was going to be great, but at the last minute it steeped up and rolled and my board went straight dooooown. Max got two good ones on his 7’10” Junod. Yay! Good workout today with lots of paddling. Today marks day 7 of surfing everyday on our winter surfcation.

#294 / 1:40pm / 1′ rising / 8′ Revolver
[Regional Summary: Long period WNW groundswell holds steady through the day. Better breaks are running head high+ to a couple feet overhead, as long period winter focal points push up into the 8-10′ range on the best sets. Winds are light offshore for clean conditions as the tide drops from a predawn high of 6.15′ towards a 0.77′ low at 12:51pm.]
4ft at 16s WNW (293°)
2ft at 10s W (276°)
2ft at 9s NW (316°)