I wanted to try my Revolver after that 10′ board so we went back to the room, ate some food, grabbed our 8′ boards and headed back out for another sesh. Felt good to be back on my own board. So much easier to maneuver and paddle around on. Got a few short rides. So many classes out in the few spots with waves, but that’s just part of Waikiki. It was so small out that Queens wasn’t even breaking. In the far horizon, though, I could see the spots with farther lineups breaking and occasionally offshore. Need to get out to some of those. Can’t tell how far the paddle would be from the water. Sun glare everywhere. Did feel like I tried all the lineups where we were today between the two sessions. Got one near the end from what was the outside lined up to the right tower. Fun but super short. On my paddle in, I even tried that shallow reef spot with the sideways waves where a tiny wave was breaking in slow motion. Not enough to push to catch one, though. Highlight of the day was paddling right by a honu, so large and amazing.

#300 / 3:00pm / 1′ rising / 8′ Revolver
[South Shore Regional Forecast for Saturday, 01/04: Very small mix of SSW and SW swells. Surf is around waist high or less across the South Shore. ]
<1 @ 11s