Surf checked from the lanai showed it was, as forecasted, really small at under 1′. We had buffet breakfast and then headed down to the beach to get some 10′ rentals. Max got a bunch of rides. I mostly missed a lot of waves, pearled at first, had a harder time turning the giant board around to catch a wave. Got a few but somehow always slipped off. There wasn’t much wax on the board and I had a piece in my pocket. Should’ve waxed the bottom of my feet! Got a wacky ride where I just sat on the board and watched it cruise a bit on the wave. Fun hanging out in the warm water and turned into quite a workout paddling for all those tiny waves that often didn’t break.

#299 / 11:30am / 1′ dropping / 10′ Rental
[Morning Surf Report: Small southerly swell prevails for town shorelines with ideal northerly wind conditions.Waikiki looking fun for a longboard or a SUP today. Brisk NNE winds providing stiff side to offshore conditions today.]
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