Last morning in Waikiki before our 2pm flight. Set the alarm so we could get up (whatever with sleep) and get a fast surf in. Plan was to get downstairs, drink coffee, eat a banana and get to the beach. Made it! Turned out to be warm and sunny this morning with some windswell waves rolling in, which looked great compared to relative flatness the past few days. Water felt so good as soon as I stepped barefoot into the ocean. Nothing like a morning surf in tropical waters. Soaked it in. Paddled out on the 9’ Takayama looking for the middle tower spot where only a couple instructors were hanging out. Got the first one and was all set. Watched Max get a ride on his 10’. Woo! We only had a 1/2 hour to surf so we were stoked to get a couple. I got another short one and one longer one. Then it was time to go. Always get sentimental when leaving Hawaii. Time to put on those weird things called jeans and shoes. Can’t wait to come back. A hui hou, Oahu!

#306 / 8:45am / .5′ rising / 9′ Takayama
[South Shore Regional Forecast for Saturday, 01/11: Minor/background Southern Hemi swell mix. Surf is generally below knee to waist high for the South Shore. ]
1ft at 9s SSW (165°)