Overcast today, rainy and a little chilly (for Hawaii) and it looked realllly small. I rented the 9′ Donald Takayama noserider again, hoping for more of yesterday’s fun. Weaker and less frequent today. A few long lulls but also some fun rides. Only two lineups today (still no Queens) with the sandy bottom spot taken over by classes. We were in between the towers. Shared the lineup with an Australian dad, his two daughters and son. Max had a good time again on a 10′. The rain and overcast skies kept the crowds away and it was super mellow.

#304 / am / 0′ rising / 9′ Takayama
[South Shore Regional Forecast for Weds, 01/08: Minor/background Southern Hemi swell mix. Surf is generally below knee to waist high for the South Shore.]
1ft at 14s SW (215°)
1ft at 9s S (175°)
0ft at 14s S (175°)