90 degrees today, smallish and offshore. Woo! So stoked to get in a lunch time surf. Crowded lineups and beach. Lucky with parking again and a front spot just as we turned in. Longer lines up and down the beach but also bigger closeouts in the middle/north. So hot while we suited up. Headed out to the middle south. Seemed so packed from the beach but once out in the water, I found my own space. Max joined me in the water after hanging on the beach (I was too hot to hang and jumped right into the refreshing cold water). Tide was high so there were lulls. Current pushed everyone south. Kept paddling north. Waited and watched. Paddled. Waves were breaking pretty close in. Everyone was too far out. After padding for one that didn’t break, I was in perfect position to catch the outside one rolling in. Got a nice long right all the way in. After that, I stayed on the inside of the outside and suddenly, I was catching all sorts of short, speedy rights and even one short left. Easy to catch and not too crowded after all. WOO again. Water felt so good. Max had a good time too, except for one oddity. After a ride, his fin somehow cut, more like SLICED, the cuff of his wetsuit. A big gash. Luckily, it was his wetsuit and not his wrist.



#318 / 12pm / 4′ high / 8′ Revolver
[PM Report and Short-Term Forecast for SF-San Mateo County: Offshore winds and a peaky mix of WNW and SSW swells continue at report time. Surf is looking fun with waist-head high surf and some overhead sets at standouts. High tide in about an hour will slow the surf down a bit but winds are due to stay light through the afternoon, so it may be worth a check after 1:30pm as the tide is dropping.]
4-5ft Fair to Good
4ft at 11s WNW (302°)
1ft at 6s NW (321°)
0ft at 12s SW (226°)