Did it! Finally got up at 6 and made it down to LM for a Monday morning surf before work. Super stoked. A rare, sunny, windless, warm morning. Closeouts in the middle but boat docks seemed ok. After rain and run-off and bigger conditions, today looked fun. If I had more time, I would’ve gone to the far outside of boat docks and waited for good ones. Today we paddled out at the south end and caught inside reforms for a fun half hour. Back to the ocean. Feels so good.


#314 / 7:20am / 2′ dropping / 8′ Revolver
[This morning’s dawn patrol: Clean, soft, scattered lines working through this morning as the tide drops. Occasional open, workable corners.]
5ft at 9s WNW (303°)
3ft at 16s WNW (295°)
1ft at 14s SW (227°)