So great to back in Waikiki, after busy work life and time out of the water at home. We’ve been watching the cams and knew the SSW was continuing through our stay. Excited. Arrived yesterday evening after an initial 5 hour flight delay for maintenance issues (luckily, they called us just before we left for the airport). Never arrived in the evening before. It was pretty mellow with overcast skies and rain showers. We didn’t do any of our usual running around town and just chilled out. Awoke refreshed this morning and Max was eager to go surf. Me too! Waves looked good but the crowd was already building. Lots of surfers at Queens, crowd on the outside of Canoes. Could see waves breaking far out in the distance past Pops and the outer reefs. We headed out to line up with the left tower. Max was on his Wander Inn 9’2 board for the first time. After some initial positioning to find the right spot, we started catching fun waves. I got a nice long one that kept going through the inside and reforming. Fun. A bunch of short rolling rides. Another super long one farther out. Got a bonus ride almost all the way in for the last wave. Warm water. Lots of rides. So stoked Max had fun on his new Wander Inn board. Didn’t even feel that out of shape until the last set, when lots of reforming whitewater rolled through. On one wave, I got pushed back trying to make it over and my board collided with a guy on another Harbour (who Max had just talked to!). Got up to beach after a great sesh only to find a pretty big ding on the back right rail :( Brought it over to Moku but they couldn’t fix it today, plus there’s no sun to dry the SunCure. Renting a board tomorrow. Gonna let the revolver dry out tonight and tomorrow, then duct tape. Really want to ride it during this bit of swell!





Arriving yesterday @ 5pm after our delayed flight.

Arriving yesterday @ 5pm after our delayed flight.


#321 / 10 (1.5) / 0′ rising / 8′ Revolver
2-3 ft +
[SOUTH SHORE AM REPORT AND SHORT TERM FORECAST: Southerly swell still providing some fun surf for town shorelines this morning. Waves are in the waist high range with some sets nearing the shoulder high plus range at the better exposed locations. Watch for this swell to hang steady throughout the day today. Mostly cloudy. Haze through the day. Numerous showers in the morning. Numerous thunderstorms through the day. Occasional showers in the afternoon. Locally heavy rainfall possible. Light winds. Chance of rain 80 percent.]
3ft at 18s SSW (198°)
2ft at 11s SSW (198°)
1ft at 5s SSE (160°)