Recuperated this weekend and skipped the crowds, but wanted to go today since it was going to be unusually warm for this time of year. 60F, low wind and sunny at 7am! It was rushed but we got a few rides at the south end before work. North and middle were mostly big closeouts. First time for Max’s Wander Inn to be in the water at its home break. My Revolver is at Dan’s getting fixed so I surfed Max’s Po. Fun board. Really skate-y. Need to get used to where to position to paddle but overall, I love it and can’t wait to get mine. Chatted with Joe as we pulled out of the lot. Such a nice man.


#327 / 7:40 (30) / 0′ rising / Max’s 6’2 Po
3-4′ Fair
[NW windswell continues to provide somewhat mixed up/jumbled surf in the waist-head high range for the well exposed spots. Some background SSW groundswell is mixing in to help create some crossed up peaks at better combo beachbreaks]