Quite the packed day yesterday getting up at 6am to get from Kauai to Oahu, surfed, walked around town, soaked in the beach. Stayed up late but still got up before 8 and made it out for an earlier morning surf. Small today but also really clean. Started out at 2D before going towards the middle. Got some really fun ones with some speed and power. One really nice right, high and fast. Also, a few party waves. Sun came out and the warm water felt even better in the morning. Stayed out for a while then headed in to get some food.

#331 / 915 (1.5) / 1′ dropping / 9’ Takayama
1-2 ft- knee to thigh high occ. 3 ft.
SOUTH SHORE AM UPDATE AND SHORT TERM FORECAST: Some small but fun surf rolling in out of the SSW direction this morning for town shorelines. Waves are in the knee to waist high range but if you are patient there are some larger sets from time to time. Watch for a slight reinforcement out of a SSW direction (200-190) to fill in late on Friday into the holiday weekend. Mostly sunny. Isolated showers in the morning. East winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.
2ft at 11s SSW (191°)
1ft at 14s S (190°)
1ft at 9s SE (149°)