Super fun surf today. Got there and surprisingly few surfers in the water, but by the time we ate and suited up, a crowd had started to form around the two good peaks. Paddled out south of the pumphouse. Strong current pushing us north the whole time. The guy with the German shepard and another PPSC guy were getting all the lefts over there. I stayed north of them and started getting some awesome rides. Lots of fast, zippy rights and two good lefts. Lots of water moving and texture to the waves but also easy to catch. Windy too but somehow my Mitsu was totally smooth and easy to paddle. Re-found my magic spot and it was truly dreamy – connected to me and so agile. Still stoked my 7’4 is being repaired by this Mitsu has been so fun too. Feels so light under my feet and once I’m on a wave it feels like I can do anything and it’ll just happen. Headed to Sunset for a sem sandwich, Andytown and a stop at Wise where Max got a new wetsuit and I caved and got the Ripcurl watch (again).

#414 / 10 (1) / 3′ rising / 9′ green Mitsu
2-3 ft +- knee to chest high
Afternoon for SF-San Mateo County: Fun mix of small NW windswell and mid-sized SW swell has the surf in the chest-shoulder high range, while standouts hit overhead on SW sets. Winds are light+moderate WSW now, making for mainly textured+ conditions.
3ft at 9s NW (316°)
3ft at 14s SW (217°)
1ft at 10s S (171°)