So many fun ones today. Looked kinda flat when we first arrived and slowed down a bit through the high tide but then picked up with gusto. Mostly breaking close to shore but still, got so many fast right turns, pulling up the face, angling down, up again and kicking out over the wave as it broke. Lots of foamies around us hanging out and Max and I were on a roll catching waves everywhere. Lost count after seven. Warm and sunny. Chatted with the girl who had just got back from Boston. She saw me catch that one set wave left and yelled “nice one!” and later asked about how to do a popup. Fun being slightly more experienced now and remembering what it was like when you were first starting out. The Mitsu was sweeeeeet today on those turns and fast fast fast. Stoked.

#413 / 10 (45) / high / 9′ green Mitsu
3-4 ft +- waist to shoulder high
Afternoon for SF-San Mateo County: Fun mix of fading NW windswell and peaking SW swell has the surf in the shoulder high range, while standouts hit overhead on SW sets. Winds are moderate+ now, making for textured, choppy conditions. Tide drops to a 2.62′ at 3:45pm.
5ft at 8s NW (314°)
3ft at 15s SW (217°)
2ft at 11s S (176°)