Mellow morning at the beach with overcast skies, low wind, some texture to the water but lots of fun high tide waves near the pumphouse. Watched the guy with the Pearson Arrow longboard catch right after right. Small bumps rising up and swooping right all the way to shore. I was stoked to do the same when we got out, but mine turned out to be mostly lefts. Fun, fast little ones where the only danger was kicking out before the shore and not getting caught in the thick kelp. Mellow crowd out too, each staying in their own spot. Lost count after ten waves. Water’s still warm too. Some guy said it was 62 degrees which would make it like OC. As luck would have it, my new Ripcurl watch didn’t count ANY of my waves. None. Zero. Only counted one of Max’s. We figure we were so close to shore that it couldn’t track them because they weren’t long enough?? Oh whatevs. So many fun, small waves today. Surfed five times this week. So stoked!

Still posting my stats here and assuming all the trail of paddling includes my tiny waves :)

#415 / 11 (1) / 4′ high / 9′ green Mitsu
1-3 ft- ankle to waist high
Afternoon for SF-San Mateo County: Mix of fading NW windswell and easing, mid-sized SW swell has the surf in the waist-shoulder high range, while standouts see some overhead SW sets. Winds are moderate+ W now, making for somewhat textured conditions. Tide rose to a 5.24′ at 12:19pm.
3ft at 14s SW (217°)
3ft at 8s NW (316°)
1ft at 9s S (171°)