Slept in to wait for the tide to rise a bit and headed down for a mellow Sunday surf. Not too crowded at the beach since it was overcast, but still warmish and low wind so that was nice. We headed out in front of the pumphouse and I got a few short rides to the beach before it started slowing down. So small and close to the beach. Still got a few and enjoyed the water time. Saw another pod of dolphins in the distance jumping and swimming around. Max thought he saw a whale breaching near the horizon just like I did on Friday.

#416 / 11 (1) / 3′ rising / 9′ green Mitsu
Afternoon Report for SF-San Mateo County: SSW/SW swell mix combines with minimal NW windswell this afternoon for small-scale waist zone surf for most areas. Select spots see occasional + sets pushing chest high on. Surface conditions are bumpy and textured now thanks to onshore wind, and shape looks pretty soft as a rising tide hits a deep 5.69′ LOW at 1:36pm – less water helps.
2ft at 7s NW (322°)
2ft at 12s SW (217°)
1ft at 4s WSW (257°)