Lake Pacifica this morning with a negative tide early. We got down there at lunch and stared at the lake. South end and middle were taken up by a sea of blue and yellow shirted classes. We paddled north of the pumphouse until we found a little spot that seemed to be breaking. Sure enough, both of us got a few fast, into-the-shore-break waves right away. Woo, we found waves! I angled hard left while paddling to make the most of the short ride. About forty minutes in, a guy paddled over from north. “Anything happening up there?” I asked. “A little earlier but not now”, he replied. Just then, Greg and David (nice, older Asian guy) paddled over. Fun catching up with Greg, chatting about Waikiki, housing in SC/SF, and Ventura -“Don’t go there. You’ll fall in love” he said. Everytime a tiny set came through and we paddled, he’d yell “Go Emily!! Go!” in his booming voice. Hilarious. Max saw me from behind and said I caught some good ones. So fun catching those short, fast lefts and avoid eating it on the sand haha.

#417 / 11 (1) / 4′ rising / 9′ green Mitsu
Afternoon Report for SF-San Mateo County: Small, SSW swell mix combines with tiny NW windswell to offer ankle-knee-waist high surf for most spots. Best SW magnets see some shoulder high sets. Winds are steady from the W already,adding texture and crumble to conditions. Tide rises to a 5.89′ at 2:18pm.
Offshore Swells
2ft at 11s SSW (209°)
1ft at 7s NW (324°)
1ft at 8s WNW (299°)