Some NW windswell starting up again. Looked pretty jumbly from land, but we noticed some good rights happening south. One guy on a blue longboard was running to the nose. We headed out there. I paddled out first and no more than a few second later, saw a perfect one coming at me. Caught a sweet, long right and paddled back out with dry hair :) Turned and got another easy right off that set. Already stoked. Max saw both on his way out and said he was psyched. Later the older guy with the Stewart board and hood said he’d seen my two rides before heading out and thought “oh, that looks fun. Of course as soon as I got out it wasn’t like that!” Haha. True. Conditions shift by the minute on a rising tide. I told him that I’d just paddled for three non-breaking waves that looked just like those other two I got. Wind stayed down. Started getting glassy even. Max was getting good ones too. The woman with the hat and red board was catching ones inside of us. Fun to share the peaks. Caught a few party waves with Max and the hood guy. Pretty much non-stop, clean little waves rolling through the whole time. Fun! Of course, my watch only counted three waves but I pretty sure I got more than ten. Stoked.


#419 / 11:26 (1) / 2′ rising / 9′ green Mitsu
Afternoon Report for SF-San Mateo County: NW windswell is on the rise while small Southern hemi swell mixes in. Surf remains weak and mainly around waist high with sets to chest/shoulder high at top windswell and combo exposures. It’s looking pretty dismal out there though with persistent onshore flow and bumpy/weak surf. Typical summer day really, rideable but generally low quality. Mix of sun and clouds.
3ft at 7s NW (312°)
0ft at 12s SW (226°)
0ft at 0s N (0°)