Tough week (real estate + work changes) and really needed some water time to clear my head and recharge. Get to the beach! Even though it was a short session, got four awesome, fun lefts in 30 minutes. New swell has been here all week with some size. This morning was low wind and slightly smaller but still some push. Waves didn’t look perfect but there looked like there were some opportunities before the waves broke onshore. We ran out and soon enough waves materialized. Couldn’t believe the first one. Wait, I’ve got it? Sweet! Angled and popped up fast on the 7’4 and took off with speed. Another left felt really long and turned out to be 30 yards. Max got his longest ride so far at LM at 51 yards! Saw Rick E. out in the water. After a week out, surprised to feel fit in the water and in tune with my board. One of those good sessions where we were both rocking while others in the lineup were just sitting. STOKED.

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#452 / 10 (31) / 7′4 Mitsven Egg
3-5 ft- waist to head high
Morning Report for SF-San Mateo County: WNW swell fades through the day, and mixing with lingering SSW swell energy, offers head high surf to exposures. Best magnets and combo breaks see some overhead sets. Winds are calm now, allowing for clean conditions. Tide is rising to a 5.72′ at 12:34PM
6ft at 11s WNW (300°)
2ft at 15s SW (216°)
2ft at 12s SSW (191°)