That sore throat from Wednesday turned into a cold of some sort (sinus blockage, headache, etc) so I took the day off yesterday to rest. After taking some Sudafed and sleeping last night, I couldn’t take the thought of wasting another day without surfing! So after a vegan burger at Ruffage, we headed out for an afternoon surf at Canoes. It was breezy and sunny today. There were some small waves in the center if you waited long enough. Tomorrow, we’re going to try the right and left side breaks that look pretty good. Far in the distance, there’s another break that seems more sizable, but I’m saving that long paddle out for another day when I’m over this cold.



#34 / 2:00 pm
[Typical winter day for town with near flat ocean and crisp offshore north winds. Most spots have tiny waves in the ankle to shin high range. Fresh, cool north winds making perfect brisk offshore conditions for southern shorelines.]
[Vegan burger from Ruffage; bean tacos and baked potato after]