Today wasn’t marked by epic waves, but more by the feeling of having more space and fewer crowds in the lineup. There was a local grom contest at Queens. Yesterday’s minor swell was diminishing and you could feel the difference in the waves. Less power, more slow motion. Early on, I managed to get a few good rides when a set came through, including a long left and a nice right. Someone ran over Max’s foot -ouch! – but luckily he was ok. Seemed like most folks were in the wrong spot. We lined up to left tower but later, I moved more inside between the towers. Surprised to be the only one there catching inside rides. Those were short but still fun.



#340 / 1115 (2) / .5′ rising / 9’ Takayama
1-2 ft- knee to thigh high occ. 3 ft.
SOUTH SHORE AM UPDATE AND SHORT TERM FORECAST: Declining SW Tasman Sea swell (215-207°) is still providing some rather inconsistent but rippable surf for town shorelines today. Waves are in the waist high range with some inconsistent larger sets at the better exposed locations. Keep your eyes peeled for a new SSW swell to start filling in towards the end of the weekend into the start of the new work week. Sunny. Isolated showers in the morning. East winds 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.
3ft at 12s SSW (208°)
1ft at 11s SSE (165°)
1ft at 14s SE (150°)