Tiny today. Mostly flat but with some wind chop here and there. All the classes were out and literally foamie next to foamie across the only little, breaking peak. Tony and Tammy Moniz were out with their matching white visors and her and I had the same Roxy shorty on. It was cold-ish for Hawaii with the wind. We paddled around looking for openings but conceded to the masses. Still, a beautiful warm last surf on this epic vacation. A hui hou and mahalo!





#369 / 11:20 (1.5) / 0′ rising / 9′6 Walden Magic

Flat occ. 2 ft.
AM Report and Short-Term Forecast for the South Shore: Small but extremely clean surf rolling into town shorelines on this last day of 2014. Waves are limping in with only a few ankle to knee high slappers on tap. Might find a rideable wave if you bust out the longboard or the SUP. Take what you can get as there is not much on the near horizon as we head into the start of 2015. Sunny. North winds 10 to 15 mph. Gusts up to 30 mph in the late morning and afternoon.
1ft at 5s W (267°)
1ft at 8s SE (143°)
0ft at 9s S (179°)