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Waikiki Beach

Waikiki in August

Sunny but Flat at Canoes 010911

It was a beautiful, warm day today, the first day of full sun, but the waves were lacking. Even as we did our morning survey of the conditions,…

Surf Report

Looking for Waves in Waikiki 010811

What a difference a day makes. The SSW swell eased and it was pretty flat today along the South shore. We eyed the breaks while having coffee on…

Waikiki Sunset

Birthday Gift at Canoes 010711

It was already a dream come true to wake up on my birthday in Hawaii with Max, but today’s session proved to be one of my all-time favorites….

Birthday in Waikiki

Back in the Water in Oahu 010611

It’s great to be back in Oahu after eight months, especially since I’ve been out of the water in NorCal for a couple of months. Busy with work…


Surfing Ala Moana Beach Park 062509

After getting married on Oahu and spending several amazing days with our family and friends, we began our surf honeymoon adventure in Waikiki with a week’s worth of…