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Pacifica Swell

Saw Meyerhoffer out on his red Slip In.

Tiny Waves and Low Tide (Capitola 102812)

It’s been a week since we were in the water due to rain and exciting work/life changes with a new client. In spite of weak swell today, I…

Pacifica Through the Trees


Capitola Beach

Mellow Morning (Capitola 102012)

Fun, mellow surf this morning. Got there at low tide and waited for it to rise a bit as we ate some food. While the swell was pretty…

Steamer Lane

Short and Fun (Capitola 101912)

The beach was shrouded in marine layer today after a week of hot, sunny weather, but it was a nice change. Waves were smaller after the WNW swell…

Going Right at Capitola

Small Wave Outside of Jack’s House

Low Tide Fun (Capitola 101612)

Today was a super fun low tide session in sunny, 84 degree weather with a WNW and SW swell filling in. We joined the lineup out by the…

More Low Tide Lefts (Capitola 101512)

The lulls were longer today and the waves weren’t quite as consistent as yesterday but it was still excellent conditions at low tide this afternoon with a fading…

Nonstop Lefts (Capitola 101412)

With the super high tide at 10am (5.5′), we had planned to get up at 6am but when the alarm went off, I hit snooze, checked the cam,…

Morning Waves (Capitola 101312)

Got up early-ish to get to Capitola before high tide and Saturday crowds. Cold this morning before the sun peeped out. The WNW was fading and tide was…

Into the Sun

The Hook